Fontanella is fun for all ages!

Your whole body will be refreshed at Fontanella. The warm spa is full of nice surprises. We will take good care of you and make you feel pampered.
The spa has ten different pools from which to choose a wonderful spa experience. The swimming floats pleasantly rock on the large wave pool's big swells, gentle bubbles and massaging jets relax your muscles or you can try aquatic running or swimming for exercise in the fitness pool.

The lighting effects in one of Finland's longest water slides follow the slider at crazy speeds. Another slide is available for those that prefer a calmer pace. Children have their own pools that have water spraying animal characters and a mushroom cottage with toys.

The spa's saunas add to the enjoyment. A steam sauna is available in addition to Finnish saunas. 

Opening hours


Mon 12-20
Tue   8-20
Wed-Fri 12-20
Sat 11-19
Sun 12-18



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Pool Temperature Depth Image
Fitness pool 25 m 28°C 1,2 – 2,0 m Fitness pool
Wave pool
How the waves are formed?
32°C 0 – 1,5 m Wave pool
Slide landing pool
Slides 90 m ja 7m
32°C 0,8 – 1,2 m Slide landing pool
Therapy pool 32°C 0 – 1,3 m Therapy pool
Cave pool 32°C 1,2 m Cave pool
Children's pool 32°C 0 – 0,9 m Children's pool
Wading pool 32°C 0 – 0,2 m Wading pool
Cold pool 13°C 1,4 m Cold pool
Mushroom pool 32°C 0,2 – 0,4 m Mushroom pool
32°C   Jacuzzi


Children's swimming classes and baby swimming at Fontanella.

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